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This is the Brains of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Blowing up bridges because the bridge leads to one of those evil 1 percent? Well at least these halfwits had a goal which is more than I can say for the Occupy Wall Street movement in general. These 5 look like real deep thinkers to me!

Dum Dums

Federal agents have broken up an alleged conspiracy by a group of self-proclaimed anarchists to blow up a bridge near Cleveland in an effort to stop money flowing to powerful corporate interests they called the “One Percent.” The plot involved a confidential FBI source and an undercover agent who sold the group two ready-made improvised explosive devices, according to court documents. The two IEDs resembled genuine C-4 explosives but were, in fact, inert. The anarchists agreed to purchase the IEDs, as well as tear-gas canisters, gas masks, and ballistic vests for $900 cash. But the anarchists’ finances were a bit disorganized. The undercover agents agreed to accept $450 upon delivery, with the other half due later.

At one point, the group considered what might happen if they were arrested. “Baxter thought that they will all go to Guantanamo Bay if they get caught,” the affidavit says. “To prevent capture, he suggested getting tacks that they could throw out of the back of the car if they get in a chase.”

You know it’s hard to make plans properly and think clearly when they’re stoned or on something. Now these are your typical dumb dumbs that show up at Occupy Wall Street events. The OWS should elect these 5 as their leaders! Seriously this article is hilarious. I almost thought I was reading something from the The Onion.

Cleveland anarchists’ getaway plan: a box full of thumbtacks

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