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What was the Real “Do Nothing” Congress?

According to Dana Milbank, the real Do Nothing congress was the 80th Congress (January 3, 1947 – January 3, 1949). You really could have fooled me! They at least passed 908 law during their term. Compare that to the 106 laws passed by the present congress which wraps up at the end of this year. Actually that Do Nothing congress was coined by Truman probably because he wasn’t getting his way. This was also smack dap in the middle of the McCarthy era so they were likely busy investigating boogey men (and women) in those days. My how some things never change.

To call this 112th Congress a do-nothing Congress would be an insult — to the real Do-Nothing Congress of 1947-48. That Congress passed 908 laws. To date, this one has passed 106 public laws. Even if they triple that output in the rest of 2012 — not a terribly likely proposition — they will still be in last place going back at least 40 years.

Our do-almost-nothing Congress

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