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Which is it? Government or Wall Street

Back to the previous post, that event organizer said something that reiterates the problem with Occupy Wall Street. He referred to this dubious ‘public anger with the government and corporate America.’ The OWS folks, or at least some of them, insist the government is funded and driven by Wall Street, ergo, Wall Street is the core problem. Therefore that’s the place that needs “occupying”. Obviously I don’t agree with that last part or else I would not be writing this blog. While I believe that our senators and representatives in Congress no longer represent Main Street (aka “We the People”), they are not necessarily a product of Wall Street. Unless of course, you consider most of them have insider investment strategies — oops Obama put an end to that. Darn!

There may be a ‘dotted line’ between Congress and Wall Street, that much I am willing to admit. Many senators and representatives are from wealthy and well-connected families to begin with. But there are relatively few CEOs that quit their jobs to become a senators or representative. So the Occupy Wall Street movement will continue to be an item of interest to me. Perhaps maybe they can even grow up and get a real goal. Something a little less lofty than dismantling capitalism and something less violent than breaking windows in banks and Mayor’s homes (yes they threw rocks through the home of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn on Tuesday).

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Occupy Wall Street Condones May 1 Violence

Or so says one of their spokespeople by the name of Ian Finkenbinder. Officially, he is a “event organizer” but since Occupy Wall Street is a so-called leaderless organization, he becomes a spokesperson by default whether he likes it or not. Especially if he wants to sit and run his mouth to the press about what happened. What does punk Finky have to say about it?

While Finkenbinder said he doesn’t “support or condemn” the property destruction and violence, he conceded that Tuesday’s event was supposed to have been peaceful. But he said he wasn’t surprised by the turn of events, given the public anger with the government and corporate America. “When you have the inequity we see today, there will be a few broken windows,” he said.

I am not twisting his words when I say he is condoning the violent acts. You can’t make a wishy washy statement like that trying to thread some imaginary middle ground. Doesn’t support or condemn? There will be a few broken windows? WTF. Well that is condoning the violence. He should have just said ‘no comment’ or ‘that was not part of our event plan’ and left it at that.

This is not surprising considering that the Occupy Wall Street movement really has no particular goal, no coherent message, and no real direction. I guess they figured out they’re not going to get anywhere by simply demonstrating so they figure they will need to take it up a level. And that my friends, is why the police are pressing prosecutors to file felony charges against the rock throwers. They need to send the Occupy Wall Street punks a clear message: commit violent acts, you will be arrested.

PS, who let the parrot in the room?

May Day violence targeted in court

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Well Well, Now we See the True Occupy Wall Street Movement

Yesterday’s May Day events showed the dark side of the OWS movement (at least in Seattle). Some of the OWS children broke away from the main group and started breaking windows in banks. Now that’ll teach em won’t it! Boy they sure showed those evil Wall Street banks! LOL. Seriously folks, you babies who are considering violence need to go home to mommie and get your blanket and a hug. And in the typical lying mainstream media fashion, the liberal news is trying their hardest to make it seem like these folks are not part of the OWS movement by labeling them things like “anarchists” and “vandals”. Come on folks, we all know they are part of the OWS movement and there’s no escaping that fact. Well I have been critical of the OWS movement in the past for not having a direction or a goal. Now they’ve given us their goal: break windows in banks.

Spasms of violence hijacked attention from mostly peaceful May Day social-justice rallies Tuesday as black-clad vandals left downtown Seattle littered with shattered glass and put police — and the city — on edge. The vandalism, much of it aimed at financial institutions, recalled for many Seattleites the 1999 World Trade Organization (WTO) riots. Mayor Mike McGinn, citing lessons learned from that chaos, issued an emergency order giving police power to preventively seize anything that could be used as a weapon.

Violence mars May Day protests in Seattle

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This is the Brains of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Blowing up bridges because the bridge leads to one of those evil 1 percent? Well at least these halfwits had a goal which is more than I can say for the Occupy Wall Street movement in general. These 5 look like real deep thinkers to me!

Dum Dums

Federal agents have broken up an alleged conspiracy by a group of self-proclaimed anarchists to blow up a bridge near Cleveland in an effort to stop money flowing to powerful corporate interests they called the “One Percent.” The plot involved a confidential FBI source and an undercover agent who sold the group two ready-made improvised explosive devices, according to court documents. The two IEDs resembled genuine C-4 explosives but were, in fact, inert. The anarchists agreed to purchase the IEDs, as well as tear-gas canisters, gas masks, and ballistic vests for $900 cash. But the anarchists’ finances were a bit disorganized. The undercover agents agreed to accept $450 upon delivery, with the other half due later.

At one point, the group considered what might happen if they were arrested. “Baxter thought that they will all go to Guantanamo Bay if they get caught,” the affidavit says. “To prevent capture, he suggested getting tacks that they could throw out of the back of the car if they get in a chase.”

You know it’s hard to make plans properly and think clearly when they’re stoned or on something. Now these are your typical dumb dumbs that show up at Occupy Wall Street events. The OWS should elect these 5 as their leaders! Seriously this article is hilarious. I almost thought I was reading something from the The Onion.

Cleveland anarchists’ getaway plan: a box full of thumbtacks

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Occupy Movement Plans May Day Event – Yawn

Let me just begin by saying that I am not a fan of the so called “occupy” movement from which this blog drew its name. That is the only similarity between this blog and the values of the occupy folks in fact. I have felt right from the start they are attempting to “occupy” the wrong target. Their target should be the US Government, particularly congress, not Wall Street. That’s the only place where ‘real change’ is going to take place. As for their May 1st plans, Meh! Another summer, more occupy protests, and a big YAWN to that. Wake me up when they get a coherent message to send then I may show them some respect. Until then, they’re just bunch of spoiled children stomping their feet and crying WAAAAH. I guess the winter was too cold and they’re just a ‘fair weather’ movement. People who are lucky enough to still have a job would be wise to go to work as usual on Tuesday or they might not have a job on Wednesday when they return. As for me, I plan to go to work, go the bank, and even do some shopping.

Occupy General Strike In Over 135 Cities

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