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Oh Man Obama Continues to Ride on Congress

I must start by saying I am no fan of Barack Obama however this is the first time he has pushed something that might actually help the economy.

The president’s list includes items he has previously announced and Congress has failed to embrace. That includes a proposal to allow more homeowners to refinance their mortgages and a plan to give tax credits to companies that relocate in the United States. Obama also wants to expand a tax credit for clean energy manufacturers and give a 10 percent income tax credit to employers who hire. The president also called for the creation of a job corps for veterans.

That 10% to employers alone would go a long ways in helping the underemployment situation. This is one of the few good ideas Obama has had so far. Wonder who he got it from? I digress, will congress take Obama’s list and run with it? Not very likely. They’ve seen the list before and didn’t even look at seriously at it. Not likely it have any effect coming to them as a punch line.

In latest jab, Obama offers Congress a ‘to-do’ list


Maxine Waters Wants more IPOs

Here are two ass clowns talking about their bipartisanship and how well they work together. We did a payroll tax and bravo to us! Bleh… now what does Maxine Waters know about business building? And exactly why are so many business failing altogether, much less failing to be public companies. Why the focus on public companies (via IPO’s)? That is not necessarily the route that all businesses want to take. Privately held companies are still a very large provider of jobs. I supposed something’s better than nothing and at least it over shadows that dubious Dodd Frank act. Now doesn’t Maxine and Scott just make you feel warm and fuzzy? Why don’t they just tell it like it is; it rights a wrong (the Dud Frank)?

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