You can peg me as a conservative – but don’t throw me in with the GOP! I have for a long time been very unhappy with the way I see Congress working (or should I say “not working”). From the congressional performance ratings lately, I can tell that I’m not alone. So what better place to vent than a blog? So this blog will address all things having to do with congressional shortcomings. Now that should provide an endless supply.

NOTE: this blog is not associated with (either in message or ideology) the Occupy Wall Street “movement”. I merely borrowed the term from them. Fact is, Congress is the place needing occupying by “we the people” instead of the wealthy shysters that currently reside there. “We the People” need to occupy congress again.


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  1. Andrew Pentz says:

    We need more voices like yours in the current political discussion. I am a Democrat, and also consider myself a liberal when it comes to many social issues. But I believe that this problem is not a democratic or republican one, not a liberal or conservative one. It can’t be: it is something that is dismantling the system by which we define these terms, and is using our shared outrage against us by creating the illusion of difference. The aggressor has us quarreling with ourselves while he stands by and mediates. This is truly a problem for every American, and it has nothing to do with party affiliation or political values. It is about people of power manipulating and, in many cases, breaking the laws that have for so long stood as the foundation for collaboration and advancement in the United States, and it is our duty, not as democrats, not as republicans or libertarians or CEOs or laborers or religious people or activists, but as citizens of this nation, as believers and students of true freedom, justice, and morality to try and take a balanced approach to exposing the misuse and hijacking of our political system. Hopefully, with more people like yourself, we can look past the partisanship, and have the courage to collectively open our eyes and look at the real source of the pain and anger we are all currently feeling as citizens of the United States of America. Thank you.

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