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No Summer Recess for Congress!

Ever wonder why congress gets a ‘summer recess”? I believe it hearkens back to the days before Air Conditioning; where sitting in a room during the summer in Washington DC would have been unbearable. Or at least not very productive. Somehow the founding Congress managed:

They were inside the Pennsylvania State House. The delegates had been stuck in the humid, unventilated Assembly Room for six weeks, trying to write a new constitution to save our beleaguered country, yet they had nothing to show for it.

But we have A/C now so what’s the excuse? The Average American worker doesn’t get nearly that much time off (that is assuming they even have a job thanks to this do-nothing congress). So make Congress work for the summer until they can actually get something done!

Our Congress should stay in session all summer – camp out in D.C., and turn off the AC. Put on their stuffiest powdered wigs and sweat it out, until they give in and put their John Hancocks (and their Nancy Pelosis and their John Boehners) on at least ONE meaningful law that no one wants to repeal.

I’m not sure about the turning off A/C and powered wigs, but I agree: work for us Congress! And don’t go home until you’re finished.

Kevin Bleyer: Make Congress sweat

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