Will Ron Barber Get Giffords Sympathy Votes?

That is the question that looms in Arizona as they took to the polls to decide who will fill the vacancy created by Gabrielle Giffords. Her aid Ron Barber will likely win this on sympathy votes. At least he’s a Democrat that distances himself from the useless lump Barack Obama.

Barber had hedged for a period on whether he would support Pelosi as Democrats’ leader as elected, and he similarly punted on a May question about whether he would even vote for Obama. (Barber later clarified that he intended to vote for the president in November.) But the fact that a Democratic candidate would feel the need to distance himself from Obama in Arizona raises questions about the viability of the president’s effort to win that state this fall.

That aside, how many Arizona voters will be voting for the Barber the candidate or Barber the survivor of the gun attack on Giffords?

Arizona voters to decide on replacing Giffords in Congress

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