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Fix the Tax Code, but Can they Do it?

Fixing the busted tax code has gained a lot of popularity and now it seems to have the attention of Congress. Fine, but what are they going to do? Granted, they need to stick a fork in it and it’s good to see they are finally dealing with something important and something that matters to “main street”. But will they be able to agree on a plan or will they nit pick to death until they go “on recess” and find themselves once again at a stalemate? Not surprisingly, they are already eyeballing how to spend the extra revenue a plan might generate and it is going to be point to argue over and could be a show stopper. The question in most people’s minds is going to be “will I pay more in taxes?” and that is something they will have to address for the average American who is stuggling.

But even before the two sides zero in on which sacred cow tax breaks to eliminate, there’s still a deep divide over what to do with new revenue: use it to lower tax rates across the board, which Republicans say will free up investment, or plow the money into the federal Treasury to cover spending.

Congress members agree to fix tricky tax code


Dysfunctional Congress? Stop voting for the Incumbents!

You know, there’s a lot of talk about how dysfunctional congress is. Hardly a week goes by without some article like this one reminding us of how bad our Congress is and how there is just about no hope for fixing the stalemates.

A new Pew Research Center study found that the nation is more politically polarized than it has been in the past 25 years and “the values gap between Republicans and Democrats is now greater than gender, age, race or class divides.” So, there’s little chance of compromise on solutions for shoring up the ailing economy and stanching job losses as the country braces for the impact of more than $1 trillion in mandatory budget cuts set to kick in next year.

Yet no one ever offers up a solution to this never-ending stalemate situation. You can change the names, and the result is still the same. It’s one thing to sit and bitch about how bad congress is but what can you do about it? Most people think there is nothing they can do about it but that is simply not true. The basic problem with congress members is that they are they for their individual career first and their constituents second. If I can find fault in any of our country’s founders decisions, I would say they erred when they failed to write term limits into seats of congress. Of course how could they have known what a dysfunctional organization congress would turn out to be?

How would term limits solve the problem? Simple. If each congress member knows that he / she is only going to be there for 8 years, there should be more motivation to do what the people actually want done. Each of them will have less time to work with. Just enough time for long term planning but not enough time for wickedly unproductive stalemates.

How likely is it that congress will ever get term limits implemented? Can you say “Snowball’s chance in Hell”? It would have to be authorized by congress itself; in effect each member voting to limit their plan to become a career congress member. Kind of like voting themselves out of work. So again, what can you do about it? Simple. Stop voting for the incumbents. Period. No matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, whoever the incumbent is, vote for the other man or woman. If those assholes know they don’t stand much of a chance of being re-elected unless their congress becomes a stellar performing congress, they might actually work together to get things done. Send the message with your vote by voting out the incumbents this November. If that were to happen, congress would begin to improve immediately. However, the message may take a few election cycles to finally get through. Just do it.

Could Congress Go From Bad to Worse?

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Will Ron Barber Get Giffords Sympathy Votes?

That is the question that looms in Arizona as they took to the polls to decide who will fill the vacancy created by Gabrielle Giffords. Her aid Ron Barber will likely win this on sympathy votes. At least he’s a Democrat that distances himself from the useless lump Barack Obama.

Barber had hedged for a period on whether he would support Pelosi as Democrats’ leader as elected, and he similarly punted on a May question about whether he would even vote for Obama. (Barber later clarified that he intended to vote for the president in November.) But the fact that a Democratic candidate would feel the need to distance himself from Obama in Arizona raises questions about the viability of the president’s effort to win that state this fall.

That aside, how many Arizona voters will be voting for the Barber the candidate or Barber the survivor of the gun attack on Giffords?

Arizona voters to decide on replacing Giffords in Congress

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