Barack Obama needs more than Hoagies

As President Obama welcomed congressional leaders for a White House chat over hoagies about setting aside differences to improve the economy, a far different scenario was unfolding at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Barack Obama is not exactly the great uniter is he? He is all talk and no action. Of course Congress will not let him take any action. Let’s be honest here; a strong leader can work with congress and get things done. Just consider GW Bush; look what he did. He lied to congress about WMD’s in Iraq that most of knew at the time did not exist. Yet he was able to get Congress to allow that illegitimate war to occur and take American lives. Now 10 years later they can’t even take bathroom breaks without fighting. Would it make any difference if Mitt Romney were in the White House? That is the question voters will need to answer this fall. Who can work with congress; Barack Obama obviously cannot work with a congress that is not controlled by Democrats. The people in congress all need to be fired by the voters; they’re acting like a bunch of school yard punks.

Congress’ partisan fight persists despite high-level overture


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