Well Well, Now we See the True Occupy Wall Street Movement

Yesterday’s May Day events showed the dark side of the OWS movement (at least in Seattle). Some of the OWS children broke away from the main group and started breaking windows in banks. Now that’ll teach em won’t it! Boy they sure showed those evil Wall Street banks! LOL. Seriously folks, you babies who are considering violence need to go home to mommie and get your blanket and a hug. And in the typical lying mainstream media fashion, the liberal news is trying their hardest to make it seem like these folks are not part of the OWS movement by labeling them things like “anarchists” and “vandals”. Come on folks, we all know they are part of the OWS movement and there’s no escaping that fact. Well I have been critical of the OWS movement in the past for not having a direction or a goal. Now they’ve given us their goal: break windows in banks.

Spasms of violence hijacked attention from mostly peaceful May Day social-justice rallies Tuesday as black-clad vandals left downtown Seattle littered with shattered glass and put police — and the city — on edge. The vandalism, much of it aimed at financial institutions, recalled for many Seattleites the 1999 World Trade Organization (WTO) riots. Mayor Mike McGinn, citing lessons learned from that chaos, issued an emergency order giving police power to preventively seize anything that could be used as a weapon.

Violence mars May Day protests in Seattle

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