Now This is More Like it

Rather than read a one sided affair like Mann and Ornstein’s Blame the GOP Book, may as well just read this article. This article more or less tells it like is. Polar right and polar left. Polar opposites and no more middle ground in congress. This article makes some interesting points:

Twenty years ago, moderates constituted 40 percent of Senate Republicans, and a third of the House GOP. Today, Republican moderates number 1-in-10 in the Senate and have all but disappeared from the House. The Democratic Party exhibits a similar, if less pronounced pattern: Moderate Democrats make up 12 percent of the party’s House ranks in the current Congress, down from 35 percent in 1989. In the Senate, moderate Democrats make up 15 percent — down from 27 percent 20 years ago, all of this according to Poole and Rosenthal.

Middle ground is common ground and without it, no wonder Congress can’t get anything done.

Congress: It’s going to get worse


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